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Eifeler Regel Online-Checker (Luxembourgish)

This program has been developed to automatically correct the Luxembourgish "Eifeler Regel".

To check a Luxembourgish text please copy it into the text box below and click on "Correct". The corrected luxembourgish text will show up in the text box and the corrected words are marked in colour. Hoovering a corrected word will show the explanation for that specific rule. "Eifeler Regel" errors are marked and underlined as follows : orange, grammar errors red and spelling errors blue.

This program completely covers all rules of the "Eifeler Regel". Grammar and spelling errors are only partly corrected as programming of their rules are not yet fully integrated. (As the program is still being tested and the database for Luxembourgish is not yet complete, some errors might not be found.)